I’m moving to Penticton, British Columbia

This year is shaping up to be one of radical change. Some of you may know how I finally decided to take control of my weight, and that I’ve been working on it for a month now. An arguably far greater change is on the horizon though. In less than a month I will be […]

Weight Watchers PointsPlus is working

In My Struggle With Weight Loss I mentioned how during my first week on Weight Watchers Points Plus I lost 1 pound only. So I amended my plan. I still eat enough to consume all my PointsPlus allocated per day, but I also count fruits as regular foods rather than 0 point foods. The result? […]

My Struggle With Weight Loss

Over the course of the past decade the combination of a sedentary lifestyle and a not-so-insignificant sweet tooth have worked in tandem to help create my current XXL size. It’s my fault It would be easy to blame a slow metabolism, a sugar addiction, or an osteomyelitis at birth which left me unable to take […]

50 Interesting Business Books Released in 2011

The following is a list of 50 interesting business books that were released in 2011. As some of you know, I run a service called Any New Books?, which emails you a list of new books that are related to the categories of your choice each week. For the most part I pulled this list […]

My New Book Is Out (Sort of)

Those who follow my Twitter stream will probably know this already, but lately I’ve been pretty busy allocating most of my spare time to writing a new book for The Pragmatic Bookshelf. It’s not finished yet, but today it’s finally available in beta. This means that you can buy and read it now that it’s […]

Why and How I Migrated from Posterous to Self-Hosted WordPress

Over the weekend I spent some time converting this blog from Posterous to WordPress. I found Posterous to be too inflexible for my needs. Simple tasks such as rewarding the top commenters by listing them on the homepage were simply not available. I also disliked their themes, the inability to embed JavaScript snippets, and the […]

Naming Your Kids Based on Domain Name Availability

A few days ago my wife and I chatting about a subject we’ve discussed numerous times over the years: what we might like to name our (presently hypothetical) future children. In doing so, it struck me that one of the determining factors behind the monikers I bestowed on my offspring would be the availability of […]