February 2012’s Monthly Weight Loss Update

As of last Sunday (February 5th, 2012), I’ve officially been on Weight Watcher’s program for a little over a month. Here is a summary of the results obtained so far, and a few considerations. Date Daily PP Weekly PP Weekly +/- Total +/- Jan 8 58 0 -1 lbs -1 lbs Jan 15 54 0 […]

Weight Watchers PointsPlus is working

In My Struggle With Weight Loss I mentioned how during my first week on Weight Watchers Points Plus I lost 1 pound only. So I amended my plan. I still eat enough to consume all my PointsPlus allocated per day, but I also count fruits as regular foods rather than 0 point foods. The result? […]

My Struggle With Weight Loss

Over the course of the past decade the combination of a sedentary lifestyle and a not-so-insignificant sweet tooth have worked in tandem to help create my current XXL size. It’s my fault It would be easy to blame a slow metabolism, a sugar addiction, or an osteomyelitis at birth which left me unable to take […]