A Simple Productivity Tip That Can Change Your Life

All the successful people who have ever lived shared one common limitation: they only had 24 hours available in a given day.[1] This is de-motivating and exciting at once. It certainly makes me feel like an underachiever when I compare myself to some of history’s greatest. Thankfully though, it also hints at the possibility of […]

Keurig vs Tassimo: Which Single-Serve Coffee Brewer to Choose?

Over the past decade the coffee industry has experienced a drastic change. Namely, we witnessed the emergence of single-serve pod coffee brewers for home and office use. Statistics show that 40% of Canadian families use this kind of machine in their homes now and that number is only going to continue to grow as time […]

How to Get Your Canadian Citizenship

Yesterday I took, and passed, the Canadian citizenship test. Much like obtaining the G1 license in Ontario, I didn’t find enough information online about the process, so I thought I would share some details regarding my personal experience here. The process to obtain your Canadian citizenship Before delving into the details of preparing and passing […]

Comparing Six of the Best Penticton Gyms

Update (Jun 21, 2012): For the past three weeks I’ve been going to Riverside Fitness and I’m very happy with it so far. Update (Aug 8, 2013): Some of the details contained within this review are now outdated. For example, Riverside is no longer offering a $60 month-to-month plan. You either sign up for a […]

A few updates from the Okanagan

It’s a warm, quiet night so I thought I’d spend a couple of hours catching up on my blogging. In particular, I thought I’d post a brief update on what’s been transpiring in my life as of late. It’s worth nothing that in my personal blog I haven’t adopted a particular blogging strategy when it […]

She Is Nothing

A poem I wrote today for my cat, Stella. SHE IS NOTHING She is nothing but a silent witness in the dark, with laser eyes bright like stars. She is nothing but a scratch in the flesh and an African instinct, hunting us down. She is nothing but a clown dancing with ghosts, jumping around. […]

February 2012’s Monthly Weight Loss Update

As of last Sunday (February 5th, 2012), I’ve officially been on Weight Watcher’s program for a little over a month. Here is a summary of the results obtained so far, and a few considerations. Date Daily PP Weekly PP Weekly +/- Total +/- Jan 8 58 0 -1 lbs -1 lbs Jan 15 54 0 […]