Naming Your Kids Based on Domain Name Availability

A few days ago my wife and I chatting about a subject we’ve discussed numerous times over the years: what we might like to name our (presently hypothetical) future children.

In doing so, it struck me that one of the determining factors behind the monikers I bestowed on my offspring would be the availability of a domain name for my child. I even would go so far as to register the domain name for as long as possible, then renew it until my child was old enough to decide what they wanted to do with it.

It’s possible that in 20 years we’ll have a very different web from the one we know today, and perhaps .com domain names aren’t even going to be very crucial then (if they exist still at all). But I don’t like to take my chances with such things. I mean, please, won’t someone think of the imaginary children? 😉

Having your own name for you personal domain can be an advantage in the professional world that is, however minuscule (and perhaps vain), certainly worth a small investment over the course of eighteen years or so.

Have any of you considered this point when naming your children? If you haven’t, why not look as this post as a interesting tip from a non-parent who makes their living from working with the web.

As a closing thought, I can’t help but think that this subject has a certain Seinfeld-like quality to it, in which it is both trivial and interesting, relevant to the world we know today, but perhaps a silly afterthought in a couple of decades. anyone?


  1. Interesting thought. It had crossed my mind, quite passively though. Never really gave it much attention – let’s first get a serious girlfriend, then I could start thinking of their names… and maybe possible domain names.

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