Small You Are Beautiful

A poem I wrote tonight for my wife.


	Among the white nights of Canada
	you lay small like a restless cloud,
	dancing in a vague and tumultuous sky,
	afraid and delicate like a breeze,
	fierce and bright like a storm.
	You are red, a weightless maple leaf
	trembling and absent, coloring the pathway
	or resting between the pages of a book,
	lost among the rhythm of words.
	You are small like silence, a snowflake,
	a butterfly in spring, a drop of dew,
	the flight of an arrow, a grain of wheat,
	a remote star shyly reflected in the naked eye.
	Small you are beautiful and dignified
	like a boat venturing for the open sea,
	fragile like a ladybug resting on your hair,
	thin like rain watering the garden of our love.

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